Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in West Central Ohio near
Bellefontaine in Logan County. We are available
throughout most of Central and West Central Ohio.

Q: Will you travel outside of this area?
A: Yes, depending on the type of function and
musical services desired.

Q: Who normally performs with Tommy "S"?
A: Tommy "S" normally perfoms with a very
accomplished vocalist. However, depending on the
wishes of the client, type of music, and location,
Tommy "S" can be hired as a solo performer or
provide additional musicians.

Q: How long do you play?
A:The length of time we play depends on the type
event and the clients wishes. We normally take a
ten to fifteen minute break every hour. During our
break times we can provide recorded background
music if you wish.

Q: Will you play longer than the agreed quiting
A: In most cases we are able to do this. There may
however be an additional charge.
Q: What is the difference between your style
performance and that of a karoke performer or
a DJ?
A: DJ's use CD's and Karoke Singers perform to
pre-recorded backing tracks. With Tommy "S"
the musicians play the music live. When
backing tracks are used they are used only to
allow the musicians to play other instruments.
All tracks used by Tommy "S" have been
arranged and recorded by Tommy "S" on the
same instruments used for the live performance

Q: Can we hear to talk while you play?
A: We are very good a t controling the volume.
Our state of the art sound systems allow us to
use the appropriate volume for any type of
activity. Whether talking or dancing the volume
of our music never hurts your ears but provides
a pleasant iistening experience without
interfering with what you are doing.

Q: What do you wear while performing?
A: We are very versitile on what we can wear.
Our wardrobe ranges from casual to formal. The
clients preferances and type of event are the
determining factors on what we do wear for the