Tommy "S" (Tom Scheiderer) is an experienced professional musician and
entertainer. He is an accomplished keyboardist (piano and arranger
keyboards) and woodwind (saxophone and clarinet) player. His musical career
began at age 6 with classical piano lessons. In junior high school he learned
how to play woodwinds. By the time he was 14 he was a proficient piano, sax
and clarinet player and was playing with several big bands and jazz bands.
His musical career continued through high school and college where he had
his own jazz band, and where he continued his musical education as both a
classical and jazz musician.

He has performed as a solo keyboardist and also with many kinds of groups in
a variety of venues playing keyboards, saxophone and clarinet. From Big
Bands to Jazz, from Classic Pop to Country and Rock and Roll this experience
enables him to provide a wide variety of musical styles suitable for any venue
and occasion.

His broad musical background combined with the use of high tech
computerized keyboards and the use of actual acoustic instruments allows
him to perform a variety of musical styles with such realism that you think you
are listening to an actual "Live" Band.

This use of "state of the art" digital keyboards makes it possible for a single
"Live" musician to provide the same sounds that in the past required several
musicians. In fact if you weren't looking, you'd swear you were listening to a
full band. This equipment makes it possible to play any type of music from Big
Band to Jazz Combo, from Country to Rock and Roll, and from Solo Piano to
Pop in any size venue and at a very affordable cost.